Johnny’s Luncheonette’s new owners, Karen and Kevin Masterson, know what an iconic treasure Johnny’s is to the neighborhood, and to all people who travel near and far for a really great diner.  From a great cup of coffee to a sparkling raspberry lime rickey, to the selection of local craft brews and wine, you’ll find a whole lot of love, attention and home-made food and hospitality at Johnny’s. 

What’s New at Johnny’s? The fresh local white fish caught by local Boston fisherman. The breads from Iggy’s. The burgers sourced with beef from a small ranch in Maine.  Local favorite Richardson’s ice cream at the soda fountain. House-made sweet potato fries. Vegetarian dishes, Gluten free dishes, and more. The Matzoh Ball Soup is a perennial favorite.

Johnny’s Is the Anytime Place for Everyone.  We hope to see you soon!

Johnny’s Luncheonette serves Breakfast All Day, Lunch and Dinner and Drinks.